Territory of Fear, 2003


The Territory of Fear, analog video digitized, 7 Min, 2003

“The Territory of Fear documents the slaughter of lambs for Easter, a contemporary ritual that symbolically repeats, via the sacrificial lamb, the (self)sacrificing of Jesus. As I had been familiar with this very violent, but not very well known – in all its visceral details – custom, I documented several such Easter time slaughters in a village near Bucharest, where my grandparents had lived all their lives. The video is shot with a hand-held camera, filmed in an amateur, shaky fashion, capturing my, as well as the camera’s surprise at the roughness of the ritual. The document was then juxtaposed with the image of a woman’s hands constructing origami paper cranes. In Japanese culture cranes are the symbol of health and long life, as it appears for example in the Hiroshima story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. The video ends with a visual bibliography of artists who have dealt with similar subject matter in art history, and was part of my Master Thesis work at UNARTE, National University of Arts Bucharest, comprising artist books, photography and a performance with the public, called The Territory of Fear on the subject of the relationship between victims and aggressors”.