Chelen Amenca

CHELEN AMENCA (Dance With Us)*, 2012

* ”and Gadze dance with us, and Gadze laugh with us” from “Good Afternoon, Roma”, a poem by Hedina Sijercic, from the book Dukh (Pain), Magoria Books, 200; Gadze= Non-Roma people

Research and Exhibition with American artist Ellen Rothenberg, in collaboration with The Brukenthal National Museum and Astra Museum Complex Sibiu. Supported by The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Curated by Anca Mihulet.

Curator’s statement: “The exhibition Chelen Amenca (Dance With Us) is the result of a research that began in 2011, oriented towards the dynamics of a Roma community from Sibiu county, consisting mainly of women and children. (..)Using post-feminist concepts – the experience of the subject, the social body, assuming differences or the symbolic liaison between language, gesture and subconscious – together with creating gaze specificity through a creative approach, the artists have produced a series of works intending to translate the reality of everyday living in the community.

Delia Popa”s work consisted of a video, PARTEA I (PART I), Video, Mini-Dv, NTSC, 15 Min, 2012, made especially for CHELEN AMENCA Exhibition. The video was shot in the village of Ighișu Vechi together with the children of the Clopotar family, a „Cortorari” Roma family and their Romanian neighbours. It documents the reading from the novel “Momo”, by Michael Ende, a novel that deals with the notion of Time, and the following spontaneous building of a theater play, performed by the children and the artist, especially for the handheld camera. The story unfolding presents characters such as: The Wizard, The Princess, The Prince and The Father, and the conflicts and negotiations between them.